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WeTrade is an international trading company, which is dedicated especially to the export of Portuguese products to different parts of the world. Integrated in SDMD Group - which owns a stake in the company - We Trade's mission is to discover high quality products that are internationally recognized and appreciated.


Registered brand, Portugal com Alma, was launched by WeTrade in 2014 with a clear aim: to bring the best of what is produced in Portugal to the four corners of the world.

Are currently available several national products, including olive oil, jams, candies, liqueurs, preserves, olives and sausages. They all have in common the fact that they are produced following the Old Portuguese traditions.

To learn more about the product range Portugal com Alma and visit the brand page Facebook.



We currently have three Preferential Trade markets in three continents: Angola, Brazil and China. However, the company plans to expand the business in the short term to other countries - notably France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United States of America, Canada and Venezuela.


Finding new products that can be exported to different parts of the world and raise the name of Portugal is a permanent objective of the WeTrade. So if you have a national product – that can be food or craft, for example - please contact us. Together we will see how best we can take your product further.